Motivation to live a healthier life

Earn points by understanding and improving your diet, physical health and mental wellbeing.

Points can earn you weekly rewards and increase your overall AIA Vitality status.

The higher your status, the more generous the discounts and rewards.

Bronze status

Silver status

Gold status

Platinum status


Start at Bronze and work your way up to Platinum 

Earn points for completing healthy activities. Move up a level every 10,000 points.

Bronze status
0 points

Everyone starts here. Get immediate access to:

10% cashback on eligible flights, up to 50% off gym memberships with our partner gyms, 50% off HOYTS tickets and more.


Silver status
10,000 points

Your efforts to get to Silver earn you greater rewards such as 30% cashback on eligible flights and 30% off endota spa e-Gift cards. 

Gold status
20,000 points

Nearly at Platinum! At Gold you can access amazing rewards including 40% cashback on eligible flights and 40% off endota spa e-Gift cards. 

Platinum status
30,000 points

Our highest level giving you maximum value. Enjoy 50% cashback on eligible flights and 50% off endota spa e-Gift cards.

View our partners to explore the full range of benefits. 

Start at Bronze and work your way up to Platinum 

Earn points for completing healthy activities and move up a level every 10,000 points.




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Earning points through exercise

Download the AIA Vitality app and sync it to your compatible fitness device or app like Fitbit or Strava to automatically earn points when you exercise.

Exercise points


Health Points



Complete assessments to learn more about your health

Earn points and gain insights into your health by completing assessments online and with accredited professionals.

The further you push yourself, the greater the rewards

Up to 50% off flights

Book up to two domestic or international flights via our flight partner per membership year and get up to 50% off.

Up to 25% off fitness devices

To help you get moving we offer up to 25% off fitness devices from Fitbit and Garmin.

Shopping rewards

Earn up to $650 in shopping rewards

You’ll earn a voucher from some big name retailers for every 5,000 points you earn (up to 35,000 points).


Take AIA Vitality everywhere you go

Download the free AIA Vitality app to complete assessments, monitor your progress and claim Active Benefits on the go. 

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 Find it in the Apple Store or Google Play Store


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Security Your data is secure with AIA Vitality

The security of your personal, health and activity data is important to us. View our privacy policy>


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